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Dark chocolate bar 72% - organic / fair trade
Dark chocolate bar 72% - organic / fair trade
Dark chocolate bar 72% - organic / fair trade

Dark chocolate bar 72% - organic / fair trade

Origin: Quebec
Certifié Biologique
Certifié Fairtrade
Fait au Québec
1 tablet
$6.80 /100g
4 shelves
$6.27 /100g
16 tablets
$5.10 /100g
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For reasons of product conservation, shipment of this product may be delayed when temperatures exceed 20°C.
Nutrition Facts

Our classic range of 100g organic and Fairtrade tablets has been delighting palates for over ten years.

These chocolates already existed in a packaged version before 2017, then with its involvement in reducing waste at the source, Umano managed to convince the Montreal artisan chocolatier to take the zero waste approach.

Since that date, hundreds of thousands of packages have been saved! Not to mention that, since the beginning, we have also collected the cardboard boxes that contain the tablets from our retailers. Thanks to everyone's efforts, we give a second, third and more life to this packaging before recycling it.

Since 2024, the bars have been made with the best organic, fair trade and zero deforestation couverture chocolates from our partner Kaoka.

The 72% tablet allows you to fully appreciate the intense and subtle flavors of Trinitario variety cocoa, pure Dominican Republic origin.

Cocoa, less than 30% sugar and a hint of vanilla. That's all!

It doesn't have to be complicated to be a delicious treat full of benefits.


Organic ingredients: cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, vanilla*

*Fairtrade certified (100% of total weight)

Delivery and packaging

Delay of 4 to 8 working days after validation of the order.

Our policy of reducing waste at source is inspired by the zero waste movement.

Depending on the format chosen, we ship the products in their original packaging or in a 100% compostable bag. The products are then placed in reusable cardboard boxes that you can use again or recycle.

Once delivered to your home, we advise you to pour your products into glass containers to preserve their quality.


À conserver à température pièce pour une meilleure conservation, dans un contenant hermétique, idéalement un bocal en verre, à l'abri de la lumière et de l'humidité. À consommer de préférence dans les 9 mois.

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