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Companies and purchasing groups

At Umano, we do international business differently by ensuring that each link in the chain is committed to the same social and environmental mission. We believe that independent businesses contribute to the local economy by investing in their community every day.

Eco-responsible businesses

We are proud to support the network of local, eco-responsible and independent grocery stores across Quebec. Our tailor-made offer for eco-responsible grocery stores perfectly meets your needs: low minimum order, small format, delivery to the door, etc.

In addition, our zero waste deposit system has allowed us to avoid using hundreds of bags and boxes per year. We distribute our products in bulk throughout the province, thus helping to promote a more sustainable mode of consumption and strengthen local economies.


We are proud to contribute to the creation of ethical local products by supplying high value-added ingredients to numerous processors across Quebec. This collaboration not only supports the local economy, but also promotes a more sustainable and responsible method of food production.

Finally, for these local food processors, we are able to provide significant supply volumes, thus guaranteeing the continuity of your production while respecting your quality and ethical requirements.

Purchasing groups

At Umano, we are proud to foster and collaborate with eco-responsible purchasing groups, providing a partnership for individuals and communities wishing to engage in more conscious and sustainable consumption.

Thanks to these collective actions made up mainly of volunteers, many families are able to consume quality food daily at affordable prices.

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Are you a purchasing group, a merchant or a food processor looking for organic and fair trade products in bulk? Welcome to Umano, your preferred partner in food importation and distribution. We provide you with a wholesale catalog of more than 60 carefully selected products, in perfect harmony with our values. Thanks to our network of local and international partners, we facilitate the meeting between products and producers on the one hand, and players in the food industry on the other hand.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your project and find out how Umano can contribute to its success.